Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Protecting your natural teeth and replacing missing teeth can cause concerns about your health and appearance. At LRK Dental, we use quality porcelain restorations to protect and restore the beauty of your smile.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

When you damage a tooth, we do our best to protect it from continued damage and tooth loss. A chipped, cracked, or deeply decayed tooth can have a compromised structure more susceptible to continued breakdown. A dental crown covers your tooth from the gum line to the chewing surface and protects it as you chew and speak, absorbing force exerted by your jaw.

To prepare your tooth for a dental crown, we remove any damaged or decayed structure and make space for your porcelain crown. We will take impressions to create a crown that fits your tooth precisely.

Since we use strong, high-quality porcelain, we can choose a shade that matches your remaining teeth, giving your smile a seamless appearance. Your crown will protect your tooth from breaking, sensitivity, and decay by mimicking your protective enamel.

With the proper care and preventive treatment, such as regular dental cleanings, dental crowns can extend the life of a damaged tooth by decades.

Porcelain Dental Bridges

Missing a tooth can leave you with concerns about your health and smile. Having a missing tooth can make speaking and eating difficult in addition to creating self-consciousness regarding your smile. For patients who either do not meet the necessary health qualifications for a dental implant or who would simply like another option, we provide natural-looking, durable porcelain dental bridges.

Dental bridges mimic a replacement for your missing tooth and act as a space retainer, keeping your natural teeth from drifting.

In order to place a dental bridge, we need to add crowns to the teeth adjacent to your missing teeth in order to support your artificial tooth. We create our bridges to match your existing smile and fit comfortably. Your bridge will require special care to clean it and keep your gums healthy. We can recommend special flossers and brushes to make your oral hygiene routine easier.

Protecting Your Dentistry

If you have a strong bite or a bruxing (clenching and grinding) habit, you may benefit from a protective nightguard. A nightguard provides a barrier between your upper and lower teeth and can minimize the damage caused from nocturnal grinding. Without it, you may damage your natural teeth or your dentistry over time, loosen restorations, or even break your valuable crowns and bridges. A custom nightguard is a great way to protect your natural teeth and your investment in your dentistry.

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