General Dentistry

Individualized dentistry is our commitment to you. Since we learn about and get to know the members of our community, we understand each of your unique needs and know what to look for as your health changes over time.

This personal approach to care means that you always get the type of treatment that you need to stay healthy. Whether you are dedicated to regular dental visits or you need to catch up on your care, we will meet you where you are.

Preventive Dental Treatments

At LRK Dental, we begin treatment before dental conditions start. By maintaining regular dental appointments, professional dental cleanings, and diagnostic x-rays, you can avoid many common dental conditions. A full exam of your gums, teeth, and bite can identify any potential problems early on – when they are easier to treat.

Restorative Dentistry

Most patients encounter the need for a dental restoration at one time or another. Fillings and dental crowns are two of our most common procedures. Both aim to repair and strengthen teeth that have encountered decay or trauma.

Composite (tooth-colored) fillings – When we remove decay from your tooth, we need to seal and rebuild it. Tooth-colored fillings match your smile and offer a repair that protects you from the damage of ongoing decay.

Dental crowns – When your tooth breaks or sustains damage, we move quickly to stabilize it. A dental crown covers your tooth structure, providing support and absorbing force that could cause further damage. Saving your natural teeth is important to your overall health, and a dental crown can prolong the life of your tooth by decades.

Implant Dentistry

Losing your tooth can cause concerns about your health and your appearance. In order to protect your health, we recommend dental implants, when possible. Not only do implants complete your smile, but they also stimulate bone growth. 

When you lose teeth, you can also begin to lose the precious bone that holds your teeth stable and provides structure to your face. Dental implants mimic your natural teeth by integrating with your bone and providing individual or multiple tooth replacements. We can even use dental implants to anchor a denture or bridge for added reliability.

Periodontal Treatment

Gum disease can destroy your smile as well as put your overall health at risk. Since it is an active infection, the inflammation may cause complications with heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, and pregnancy, such as low birth-weight babies.

We tailor your periodontal treatment to meet your needs. From catch-up dental cleanings to localized antibiotic treatment and even comprehensive deep dental cleanings, we can eliminate infection and promote healing.

By addressing periodontal disease early, we can minimize the consequences of this serious condition.

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