Cosmetic Orthodontics

Not every patient had the opportunity for braces when they were younger. Even for some of those who did, they may experience some orthodontic relapse. By their late teens or adulthood, they often begin to notice some changes they would like to make to their smile to improve its appearance.

Traditional braces may not fit into every lifestyle. If you have an active social life or a high-profile job, you may wish to avoid the brackets and wires that come with traditional braces – or you may simply want a more convenient option. For patients just like you, we offer Clear Correct and Invisalign clear braces.

How Do Invisalign and Clear Correct Work?

Both Clear Correct and Invisalign use a series of clear plastic aligners to gradually move your teeth over time without the need for brackets and wires. We will take impressions and plan your treatment to move your teeth into a more esthetic position.

The process begins when we apply special attachments to your teeth that provide an anchor for your aligners. Unlike brackets, your attachments are tooth-colored, tiny nubs or dips that provide guidance for your aligners. No one will notice them. They are smooth and do not create the irritation common with brackets.

You will change out your aligners once approximately every two weeks. Each aligner set brings you closer to your ideal smile. We will schedule regular dental exams in our office to monitor your treatment, ensuring that you stay on track for the smile of your dreams!

You should wear your clear aligners for at least twenty-two hours per day to achieve the best and fastest results.

Benefits of Clear Correct and Invisalign

In addition to their nearly invisible appearance, both Clear Correct and Invisalign have clear advantages over traditional braces.

Removable aligners – You can take out your clear aligners to brush, floss, and eat, making treatment convenient and oral hygiene easy.

Comfortable treatment – Unlike brackets and wires, Clear Correct and Invisalign are comfortable. You will not experience the soft tissue irritation that comes with traditional orthodontics. Since aligners use constant low-force pressure, you can avoid regular “tightening” appointments that can cause discomfort.

Post-Treatment Maintenance

As with all types of orthodontics, you will need to wear a retainer after treatment to keep your teeth from drifting and to prevent orthodontic relapse. We will provide you with a retainer and provide directions regarding its use.

Contact Us for an Orthodontic Evaluation

If you are an older teen or an adult looking to improve the alignment of your teeth, contact our Seaford, DE dental office to schedule your orthodontic consultation. Drs. Lynch, Rodriguez, and Keller can determine if you are a good candidate for Clear Correct or Invisalign cosmetic braces treatment.